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Aircraft & Equipment

Our large inventory of assets include multiple aircraft, support fuel trucks, trailers and all wildlife equipment.


Hells Canyon Helicopters utilizes the right aircraft for the right captures projects. Our extensive experience with Robinsons, MD500’s and other airframes allow us to competitively bid on any project over any range of altitudes, terrain, and conditions. We effectively custom retrofit our aircraft to wildlife capture. With the latest enhancements, our state-of-the-art aircraft are the ideal platform to capture or survey wildlife.

With our experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. Hells Canyon Helicopters has custom designed net guns and dart guns. We have a wide variety of nets, hobbles, blindfolds, sling bags, darts, and scales specifically designed for each species of wildlife. Sling ropes are provided at different lengths for transporting wildlife by air. We supply two-way radios for communication between the crew and pilot as well as biologists, veterinarians, and personnel working the project. We either custom build or use only the highest quality and most effective equipment available for your capture project.


R44 Raven 2

Economical and efficient performance. Excellent capture and survey platform for altitudes up to 7,000 Feet Density Altitude. Great for both net gunning and darting most species. Excellent visibility for data collection on aerial surveys.

Helicopter with net ED.jpg
equip_1 - R44.jpg

MD 500D

Rugged Altitude turbine performance. This industry standard capture wagon is best used for altitudes 7,000-15,000 feet, and or rugged/steep/difficult terrain.

SKY_COWBOYS_Nat Geo_000328 menor.jpg
Hells Canyon Helicopters
Hells Canyon Helicopters 2.jpg
Hells Canyon Helicopters

Rolling Stock & Proprietary Wildlife Equipment

Fuel service trucks and trailers loaded with vast inventories of wildlife equipment.

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